This was a question that was asked by a community member in our trigger proof community…

On today’s transmission I delve into why this question itself is dangerous and doesn’t lead to favorable outcomes — and where to aim instead.

Not getting this concept right in my own life eventually led to my own arrest which woke me up to heal my sexual shadows.

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There are many ways in which we can unconsciously get in the way of relationships that are strong and secure.

Often, the way we react to abandonment anxiety inadvertendly causes us to feel the very thing we are afraid of the most: Being abandoned.
In my experience working with those who are committed to breaking this painful cycle, there are 7 common symptoms to be on the lookout for so we can make sure we can stop the pattern dead in its tracks and create the space for a secure relationship to emerge — because we have finally cultivated that relationship with the most important person of all:

Without getting conscious to these 7 signs, we often push love away — even if it’s right under our noses the entire time.



On this transmission we discuss the most important variable that we must consider when moving from insecure attachments to becoming secure individuals — Boundaries — and why we generally suck at them.

Not getting this right virtually guarantees a life where we feel unsafe and alone.

Grab a pen, you’ll get a chance to rate yourself on the 7 types of Boundaries, so you can identify what you are needing to work on to safeguard your relationships — including the one with yourself.

- Nima

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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.