Are You A Defective Doll

Do you know why your parents had you?

Sounds like a weird question, but the answer to that question
actually makes a profound difference in how your life plays out.

Most parents who haven’t resolved their traumas
will have children to suit THEIR needs.

Without getting clarity on this foundational intention,

children often experience the trauma of “not belonging”
and are conditioned to abandon their own values and identity
in order to help their parents meet THEIR needs.

Soon, instead of following our own path,
and learning to connect to our own inner voice,

people might be surprised to find themselves feeling unfulfilled,
constantly holding themselves back in life,
feeling unworthy of a life of their own choosing.

It’s almost as if our life force gets shut off when we live to meet
our parents needs:

Their Need for achievement,
Their Need for keeping up with the Jones’s
Their Need to “look good”
Their Needs have your run the family business.
Their Need for love, connection, and validation
that they’re not receiving from from their partner.

And when you don’t measure up to that covert need…
often there is a deep resentment towards the child

that is felt to the CORE.

This feeling of rejection from a parent for not measuring up
makes a child feel like a defective doll that a child gets,
and throws on the shelf.

Without getting to the root cause of this conflict and healing it

we find ourselves running in circles looking for love and validation,
feeling invisible if we are not needed,
settling for breadcrumbs,
and having deep anxious and avoidant attachment patterns in relationships….

Which are a breeding ground of co-dependency,
causing us to feel unsafe and unfullfilled in our relationships.

After all, if you’ve found yourself thinking of yourself like a defective doll,
how on earth can any relationship actually work?

Even with the right partner, we simply won’t feel worthy of receiving love.

To heal from this dance,
we are called to go deeper than our stories,
and examine our conditioning.

By doing so, we can reset the contextual pattern that causes us to
choose partners who disrespect us, who take from us, but don’t give,
and who keep on abandoning us physically and emotionally.

The answer comes from changing the patterns of conditioned self-abandonment.

If you’re ready to change the dance and heal from these unconscious trauma bonds
with our primary attachments so that we can create the freedom to call in
healthy relationship dynamics that feel nourishing….

If you’ve ever wondered why you end up in the same shitty relationship dynamics and want to create
and ENTIRELY NEW possibility (even if you’ve been locked in for years and feel hopeless),
then join us at our next event…
I’m so stoked to teach those who are keen how to break the cycle
and identity they were born into — through no fault of their own.

Follow the links and jump in.
There’s a satisfaction guarantee in all our events…

If you jump in and play full on and aren’t totally satisfied,
you get a refund.

You literally have nothing to lose, except excuses ;)
It’s never to late to change the narrative running in your body.

See you at the next perfect time,

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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.