EUREKA. Not Kidding — I Found The Solution

Dr. Nima Rahmany
3 min readMar 18, 2022


Listening to a podcast interview while walking my dogs in Victoria’s Inner Harbor,
I burst into tears.

Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, who’s a Professor at Stanford School of Medicine
was being interviewed by Entrepreneur, Rich Roll.
Rich was talking about how this C-V situation has really impacted our society,
our families, and relationships that have been destroyed because of differing opinions.
He asked Dr. Huberman what he feels would be the solution,
from a Neuroscience perspective.

What he said just rocked my world.

He said that from Neurological Experiments that were done back in the 60’s,
we have a hard-wired tendency to choose emotions based on frustration,
and mild anger.
(Read that again).

That means that we get a little dopamine “buzz” every time we consume and put out content
that elicits anger and frustration.

That’s why those social media threads that are conflict based have so many more comments than
those that don’t stir up those emotions.

Depending on our Trauma, we’re hard-wired to participate in conflict,
and to surround ourselves with others who think like we do (more dopamine when we feel supported)
and to vilify those who think / believe differently than we do.

When triggered, and run by free-floating existential anxiety,
we find our sense of identity in separation to help us cope with this anxiety.

If you really get what Dr. Andrew is saying — he’s saying we as a society are completely F**ed.

That is, unless we learn how to REGULATE OUR AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEMS.
When we do, we can take our “us vs. them” lens that gets administered
every time we are in flight or flight, and turn it into deeper connection and understanding.

What he was saying was resonating so deeply for me that I burst into tears,
finally feeling such a deep feeling of validation for pursuing my dream years ago
when I was working as a Chiropractor full time in my office in Maple Ridge, BC,
feeling frustrated as to my inability to help people who were stuck in what I now know to be Autonomic Distress.

My adjustments were helping them regulate their nervous systems,
and those who didn’t learn how to do it for themselves,
simply got stuck in their healing journey, as I could only take them so far.

Today, I lead a global community of Cycle breakers and Self Healers who are committed
to becoming the active operators of their Nervous Systems.

I realized that to heal, we are called to rise to a higher-level of conversation.
One that doesn’t require labels, diagnoses, and the “blame game,”
and is 100% focused on taking responsibility of going inward and healing
the conflict within us FIRST before suggesting the world change for us.

When you do, your world starts to shift to reflect the shift of your relationship with yourself.
When you do, you break cycles that didn’t even start with you.

When you do, you not only find the solution, but you BECOME the solution to the crisis that’s
impacting every human on this planet right now.

If you’re feeling disconnected with all the changes happening,
and finding difficulty in knowing who you are, what you want,
and feeling this spilling into your relationships, parenting, business, and your health is being impacted,

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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.