Exhausted And In Love

Diana and I bonding and co-regulating our little coconut. Many times we look into each other’s teary eyes in gratitude.

None of this was in the cards for me a couple of years ago when I took a long break from dating in service of healing the relationship with myself — WITH NO DISTRACTIONS.
I used to use relationships and work to distract myself from being with myself.
The impact was that I would create relationships that were transactional and co-dependent, with a paralyzing fear of procreating.
It was a low point where I realized this.
The story I kept telling myself was that I never wanted kids, when in fact it was because I myself was still a kid, emotionally.
Like many of the people I now enjoy helping, I was extremely resistant and unwilling to look.
My pride and shame didn’t let me.

My ego was working hard to keep things the way they were.
Finally, I decided to go all in with myself.
Men’s Work, Coaching, Nervous System re-wiring of past triggers, great friends as well as having
someone guide me in exposing my blind spots until I could finally call myself out to the point I no longer had anything to hide and was no longer run by guilt, shame, or resentment.

Over the past few days the tears I have cried were not only for the magical beauty of bringing a perfect new soul into the world with the sweetest soul by my side to parent him, but also for the man who, at the lowest point in his life decided that he will do whatever it takes to heal and create a new reality out of the impossible — and if he figures all of this out, to show others how to do the same in their lives.

The tears were for him with the awareness that I was already there, doing it every day. Living what I was teaching, and learning more along the way.
Baby was chill, sweet, feeding well, sleeping well, momma was recovering amazing, sore but glowing, my parents and family and our friends were rock stars waiting to help our when they can, and my communitywas sending an overwhelming amount of love.
We are ready for this adventure. Dominic, you might have been born in a strange and fearful time, but make no mistake with us, you are surrounded by safety and love
@ Vancouver, British Columbia



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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.