Healing Attachment Wounds Isn’t Easy

Dr. Nima Rahmany
4 min readMar 10, 2022

Common Question:

“Dr. Nima, help. I know I’ve been triggered lately in a relationship. It keeps coming up, and it feels like we’re going nowhere. I know I want to change, but I don’t know where to begin. Where do I begin to heal this?”

If you’ve ever been in that situation 👆🏽 you’re not alone.

I was in the same boat.
I was re-living the same relationship again and again, and by the time I hit my mid-40’s I was beginning to feel hopeless.

“How could I be so intelligent, yet can’t figure out the relationship bit?” I would ask myself.

As it turns out, I’m in good company with a lot of people.
There’s a Billionaire who has created re-useable rockets and has sent civilians into outer space,
and will someday land Folks on Mars….

But he just can’t figure his relationships out — now working on his 4th or 5th divorce (I’ve lost count).

I can empathize with him.

It turned out, I was living with unresolved attachment traumas, and the work I was doing
for personal growth was more of a “coping strategy” rather than healing.

To heal, we must face our shadows. Our insignificance…

All the feelings we’ve been running and hiding and avoiding.

The biggest obstacle isn’t actually time, or money, or “I’m busy”. The real obstacle is that facing all the stuff we’ve been burying can feel daunting.

I see it. I get DM’s from people who SAY they want change and healing…
But when it comes down to it — the body feels like a dead weight,
not wanting to return back into the vortex of the feelings of loneliness, anger, fear, and scarcity.

(After all — we’ve been going to great lengths to NOT feel them, right?)

When you FINALLY dance with this resistance, and do it anyway —
you find a tribe of other CycleBreakers who, like you, are leaning into it too…

You find strength. Courage. Vulnerability.

Your authentic Self emerges.

With all the DM’s and questions, I wanted to find the answer to “Where can I begin?”

You begin by TAKING ACTION.
Not “planning” to take action. It’s by taking ONE. INCREMENTAL. STEP. FORWARD.

If you’ve been lurking, reading, and digesting what I’ve been sharing with you, and you feel scared, but you’re finally ready to take the step towards HEALING (instead of coping)

Join us at our next Breathwork and Badassery, and Overview Experience and learn the difference between “talking” about doing the inner work, and ACTUALLY doing the Inner work…
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So the past no longer runs you.
You get to run you.

Healing Attachment wounds isn’t easy.
And it’s not meant to be done alone.

See you at the next perfect time.

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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.