I Feel Lost

Dr. Nima Rahmany
3 min readJul 8, 2022


Out of all the DM’s and emails I receive for people wanting help — this is the one common theme that’s shared almost unanymously.

Everyone wants healthy relationships, we want to feel safe with ourselves, and to trust our own intuition and feel like we are making progress towards something meaningful — our health and quality of life actually DEPEND on it.

The problem is that as we accumulate “survival” stress stored in our Nervous System-

  • from childhood wounds that haven’t healed,
  • from relationship breakdowns that STILL feel incomplete,
  • from a deep and profound sense of unworthiness unless we are performing, pleasing, or putting on a mask….

All of this takes it’s toll on the system,

and then when we start asking the important questions about life…we might realize that:

  • knowing who we are
  • being inspired to go after our vision,
  • connecting to our gifts
  • feeling “Tapped in and turned on” to our creative expression…


Thats precisely when find ourselves saying “i’m lost.”

The truth is, we might FEEL lost, but we’re actually right here — we’re just disconnected.

2018 — I was there after my last breakup, feeling frozen, lost and drifting, I found a guide and went on my path to finding the answer to it.

I discovered that the little boy I’ve been running
in shame of is actually a wonderful little kid.

When I began to connect deeper with him,
my relationships changed.

I gathered the courage to leave a very unhealthy relationship that I didn’t realize I called in to help me solve this problem and break the cycle.

I was then able to meet someone emotionally mature and feel a pull towards them (unlike before as I would have totally not been attracted to a secure partner — I loved the chaos and “broken-ness” too much — my ex was a “madam”).

I feel safe in a relationship for the first time, and this happened at 43 when I finally realized it was time to de-condition what got me here.

Best of all, I’m a dad now and I get to re-create a new reality for Dominic with everything I’ve learned and my intention is to have my son’s upbringing be an experience where he gets to grow, expand, be supported and challenged in all the right ways to make sure he knows who he is, and loves and trusts himself.

This is the vision for this community.

If I can do it, so can you.

I’m delighted to be guiding my community again this weekend for Breathwork and Badassery.

As with each live event, we open up the container for guests to come and check us out.

There’s an opportunity after this weekend’s event for 3 guests to receive follow up-support after to help unpack what they experienced for the purpose of healing and breaking free from their trauma bond and breaking the cycle for their own families.

This year, now more than ever with pandemics, wars, and economic pressure, our systems are overloaded and are at the breaking point, and no one’s coming to rescue us.

This weekend at Breathwork and Badassery, I’ll be guiding 50 Neuroscience Nerdy-Types who love to learn how to operate their own systems (so they’re not so depenedent on others for validation) how to become their own medicine, through breath and focussed intention.

I love teaching this stuff.

I love seeing our community win.

I’m so grateful I jumped “all in” to healing and continue to make my own healing a priority.

That way, Domzy gets the best of me, even when things are hard.

I stand for healed families.

If you’re scared but finally feeling the pull,

you’ll notice how liberating it is to commit,



and let go — and discover that THAT is the VERY THING

that will help you from feeling “Lost” to “I’M FUCKING FINDING MYSELF AGAIN.”

Check out the funnest way to be guided back to your OWN INNER VOICE — with other Cyclebreakers.

Click HERE to register for Breathwork & Badassery (Saturday, 9th July 2022).



Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.