The Path To Being A Cyclebreaker

(And why relationships seem to end up in the same place no matter how hard you try or what Therapy we do)

Can you relate to any of the following?

Do you blame/shame yourself for being in relationships that feel “toxic” where you KNOW you should leave, but feel paralyzed and unable decide either way?

Have you been stuck in a repeating cycle, hoping you’d get unstuck by watching a video or listening to a podcast?

Have you been re-hashing your story over and over again to your friends and/or therapists hoping everything will change?

Have you been lurking in this community hoping that you’d absorb the fb lives and suddenly have the solution to your problems with anxiety and your triggers and relationships?

Are you Going to therapists/counsellors trying to feel seen and heard by your partner and feeling hopeless?

Do you struggle with Emotional Illiteracy: Do you feel incompetent in being able to understand your feelings, emotions and experience them as so overwhelming that it just feels safer to numb and check out?

Here’s the important point:

With any of these challenges above

Are you in the same place now — as you have been in the past 3 MONTHS OR MORE? (In other words… has this been going on long enough — and you’ve just been tolerating it — hoping it will magically change by endlessly complaining about it?)

If you answered yes to any of these,

this makes total sense… You’re not alone…

And it’s not your fault.

The reason why you’re stuck in what feels like a hamster wheel is because the operating system which you’re running on likely has a “virus” in it…

And there’s a lack of connection due to an unresolved Trauma Bond that is there through no fault of your own.

Unfortunately, when we’re in this space, everything we try to learn (save) gets “deleted” and we eventually find ourselves back at square one.

What if I were tell you that you are 100% responsible (not your FAULT… I said responsible) for exactly where you are?

And the reason you’re responsible is that there’s an unconscious program that is running in your operating system that is governing what you feel you DESERVE?

Let me say it again in a different way: We are unconsciously and DELIBERATELY attracted TO those people and circumstances that are familiar… that validate the output of our operating system we were conditioned into.

And even though we might be treated like absolute crap, not having our boundaries trampled over time and time again — leaving this toxic situation can feel next to impossible because of an TRAUMA BOND running in our system:

That is… a previously formed attachment we are “hooked into” without even being aware that we are unconsciously seeking to resolve — through the person we are entangled with.

I know because I got out one I was in for 4 years — which was my wake-up call to help me realize it’s all I’ve ever known

Carl Jung says “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will rule your life and you’ll call it fate”.

To help those in this community make the “Unconscious Conscious,” I’ll be running a live (free) workshop for people in this community only — on zoom to help guide you into Breaking the Cycle.

If you resonate with this post, you can register and participate in a 90 minute workshop where I will be extracting what Trauma Bonds actually, are, how they impact your relationship, your health, and your level of worthiness and deserving, and you’ll expose your unconscious strategies that have been informing pretty much every area of your life.

(You can also invite people into this group who you know are nerds for this stuff like we are)

When: Tuesday February 15th @ 4pm-5:30pm PST 7–8:30pm EST
(That’s Wednesday at 11am Sydney Time)

Bring a pen, bring your questions, and intentions for the call.

This training will be about showing you THE PATH that is a deep dive into making your unconscious operating system conscious, dismantling it, and recreating a whole new system that is supportive of the life you actually WANT to create, especially in your relationships.

If you’re ready to upgrade literally every aspect of your life — ESPECIALLY the relationship with yourself, and get clarity, confidence and courage to break your trauma bonds and feel safe in relationships…

Jump in using the link (and share your biggest question/concern you’d love answered in the Training Next week in the comments — and make sure you smash that calendar link button as a reminder.)



Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.

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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.