Why The Hell Are You Here?

(and welcome if you’re new)

There’s a reason why you’re here.
Something brought you here.
You discovered your attachment style.
You heard a podcast that resonated with you.
You watched a youtube video that spoke directly to you.

However way you got here — chances are — You are likely where I was years ago (so WELCOME!!).

Feeling stuck, frustrated and at the effect of an insecure attachment. Looking back at myself, while I was highly functional — I was at the effect of addictions that were leaking my creative and productive energy. I don’t have any judgment here — I know we all have them… Truthfully most of us are just trying to get us out of our own heads.

At the very least — we’re addicted to the endless thought loops in our own minds we can’t escape from.

Often, in this state we are over-run by guilt, shame, or resentment, trying to find a way out (but looking outside ourselves for it).

12-step, Counselling and 1–1 Therapy seem like obvious first choices, but after having your story validated for 2, 5, 10 years by a professional — looking at the tools in your toolkit, things feel impossible.

Most aren’t given actual tools we can use to become our own medicine.

I had even tried anger management.
While most of these professionals were kind and well-intentioned — There was something deeply missing in the “inner work” I had done.

I was desperate — “how can I create relationships that feel safe, secure, and be able to feel confident in myself despite the shit I’ve done, and who I’ve been?”

“Is true intimacy really possible?”

Most importantly — how can I truly get to a place of self love and deserving?

That’s why when people DM me looking for support — asking me where would be a good place to begin — I tell them look no further than the Overview Experience.

Imagine living on this earth for 47 years, studying all the greatest from the masters of the mind and body, completing a Doctorate in Chiropractic and spending 20 years tinkering with what you’ve learned for yourself — and applying it to others — — then going through a period of the worst emotional pain of your entire existence and making a choice:

1)Not to live anymore
2)Find a way to not only survive, but to ALCHEMIZE that emotional pain into purpose, meaning, and a life and family you’re madly in love with.

Hint: I’m still here.

How the hell did I get here?

In the Overview Experience, I spend 6 hours reverse engineering for you the exact path that transformed me and all my relationships.

Now — with this path, with these tools to re-wire my conditioning I was raised in — I now have the faith and trust in myself to speak up, tell my truth — and and ask for what I want, (even if the other person rejects it.)

I feel connected to my “knowing”. No more asking people for advice, what should I do, blah blah blah. Theres a way to know what you want now, and clear your path.

I’m not run by my addictions. The word “quitting” doesn’t capture it — like when an alcoholic “quits” drinking it means they haven’t outgrown their addiction. What about having a drink and not having to polish off the entire bottle?

How about being so in love with the direction you’re moving towards that you don’t have the time to be so distracted?

Funny how things like weed and porn naturally fall off the table when you’re aligned.


At the Overview Experience I introduce you to the two main projections that we get caught in when in conflict.

2 projections that when you learn how to dismantle,
resentment turns to understanding, a trigger turns into an opportunity for deeper self love, and a conflict becomes a gateway to deeper intimacy.

Yup, you heard me correctly.
These triggers that you usually try to avoid, that causes your body to contract in protection and you fight, flight, freeze (hide), and fawn (submit) — causing mental and physical health issues down the line and causing destruction to your relationships…
(ya — those triggers that control your life)

Imagine having a tool where they cause you to love yourself DEEPER… and using the conflict to deepen the relationship.

And if someone’s not on the same page — having the courage to set a boundary and not have them in your life.

These skills are CRITICAL in this new post-rona reality we are in.

If you’ve been in this community just watching videos, I’m really glad you’re here…
But I have to say showing up and doing the work is night and day.

1) There’s never a convenient time
2) Are you waiting for a crisis before you learn the most important skills on this earth — how to become better at love?

Essentially at the root of all the education in our cyclebreakers community is to learn the one skill that makes everything in this life worthwhile… from parenting, to purpose, to leadership, to intimacy — even in business:

If you’re ready to stop lurking and start workingJoin us on Saturday at noon PST (Sunday at 7am in Sydney)



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Dr. Nima Rahmany

Dr. Nima Rahmany is a retired Chiropractor and interpersonal trauma specialist studying and teaching principles of healing mind and body.